Co-Creation of Meanings

Through others we become ourselves. Lev S. Vygotskij

Lady sanne2
The cognitive-constructivist model developed by Learning Animals (De Giorgio&De Giorgio SCL model), refers to very specific fields of subjective, cognitive and social growth, in presence of a socio-learning environment that provides different representations of reality, avoiding sequences of predetermined, hierarchical, automatic and mechanistic instructions, as is the case instead of various behavioristic, neobehavioristic, “cognitive”-behavioural, NPL and cognitivist models.

In this model, learning is an active process, not passive, where knowledge is not stimulated by the human teacher and acquired by the non-human learner, but it constructed from a socio-experiential dialogue, in which together human and non-human co-create meanings.

Therefore the human moves from a directive role as teacher of the non-human, to a facilitation role as co-learner together with the non-human.

In the pic Lady and Sanne during a session of co-learning facilitated by Francesco De Giorgio.