From self-affirmation to reciprocal growth

12167320_10206804114373918_350521340_nFor a social animal, dialogue is a fundamental element of individual growth. Both what you exchange in a dialogue and the experience itself can help you in your personal development and understanding of yourself. As the dialogue is part of a shared moment, the awareness and observation of what happens in that dialogue is very important. It is the dialogue experience that gives insight, and, as such, constitutes a foundation of co-learning.

Nowadays, people tend to forget or ignore this aspect of an experience and focus instead on its result. They look at the impact of an expression or behaviour on the other individual to see whether it had the desired outcome. They focus on self-affirmation and, in doing so, unconsciously train themselves to ignore all the smaller gestures and exchanges, the curiosity and the wonder.

In the pic a moment of co-learning, during the last Learning Horse study program in Italy.