Learning Animals

logo LALearning Animals is a reality of cutting-edge study in animal ethics, animal studies and zooanthropology, with a powerful connection between theory and practice. Learning Animals students come from many countries such as: Italy, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, United States, United Kingdom, Kenya, Spain, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Morocco.

http://www.learninganimals.com, info@learning-animals.org

logoLearning Animals rappresenta una realtà di studio d’avanguardia negli ambiti di etica animale, animal studies e zooantropologia, con una potente connessione tra teoria e pratica. Gli studenti di Learning Animals provengono da molti paesi come: Italia, Olanda, Belgio, Stati Uniti, Regno Unito, Kenya, Spagna, Germania, Austria, Danimarca, Marocco.