About Me

Francesco NamidWhat could be more wonderful than becoming what, since I was a child, I dreamed of wanting to become? I had to put on the battlefield all the possible tenacity, but I got in life that I dreamed in my mind.

I am an Italian biologist specialized in animal cognition, but also a very practical person that lives, with his wife José De Giorgio-Schoorl, in a family full of animal subjectivities.

I am a passionate guest lecturer and independent researcher in animal ethics, subjectivity and cognition, supporting several international universities. I am also a member of several animal studies societies that deal with the relationship between human animals and other animals. My contribution is mainly inside the field of the Critical Animal Studies.

I have a role, as a promoter of a vanguard animal ethics, inside the ethics committee of ISAE (International Society for Applied Ethology).

Even my support as a consultant of the Dutch Police, in cases of animal mistreatment and in post-abuse cognitive recovery paths, returns an important contribution to the development of a more modern ethical consciousness.

Besides that, I also efforts to develop animal culture and ethical awareness for charities, shelters and sanctuaries.

Francesco has always given the best, working with the head, but also with the heart and the hands, not only in his study, but also with the acquisition of practical knowledge, and during his cultural development has been able to travel, explore and choose many excellent teachers, becoming the professional that today with his work, he proves to be. – Danilo Mainardi, former Director of the International School of Ethology (Erice, IT)

My motto: “To be there without being there.”

Contact: info@learning-animals.org