AnthropoEthics vs AnimalEthics

pan satiro

The role of ethology in animal industries must be that to reform it, for an ethical exploitation of animals (AnthropoEthics)? Or that of questioning farm, equestrian and dog-training industries, giving a support in the progressive abolition of animal exploitation for ethical reasons (AnimalEthics)?

The choice between these two questions is crucial, because choosing the first hypothesis or the second, makes a really difference from the animal perspective; because it makes more transparent the contribution of ethologists, ethicists, welfarists as, in the first hypothesis, they continue to make themselves servants and accomplices of animal exploitation, in the second hypothesis, they become activists for animality.

We need a vanguard animal ethics to include the understanding of animals with their intrinsic value, with their own subjectivity, with their own dignity, considering also elements of animal privacy, not from a humanistic and anthropocentric perspective, as until now is been done, but from a non-humanistic way of understanding animality, animal ethics and also humanimality.