Wild Rights and Cognitive Liberation

I love even to see the domestic animals reassert their native rights—any evidence that they have not wholly lost their original wild habits and vigor.

Henry David Thoreau

cavalli improntamicaRecognizing to domestic animals their own right to claim wildness, it means giving space for a process of instinct liberation and with it to the valorisation and liberation of the cornerstones of innate cognition.

In this sense, animal cognition is connected to the wildness more than what is commonly believed. Animal cognition can only be preserved or restored, but not stimulated, especially if you try to stimulate cognition with training exercises. Indeed it is precisely animal training and operant conditioning with it, to undermine the innate cognitive systems of animality.

In the pic by Andrea Gaspardo, I facilitate an experiential moment in preserving the innate cognitive kit of a bachelor band at Improntamica Farm in Italy, during the Learning Horse study program.