What is learning?

Ghiottone FinlandiaLearning means to choose to become part of a process based on a subjective ownership related to a particular cognitive experience. This process is based on a dialogue between innate cognition and cultural tradition of the individual, as well as, the social culture in the case of an animality with strong social components. Learning means choosing to integrate the elements of perception and proprioception within one’s own cognitive map, receiving, processing, but also producing information. Learning means choosing to create multidimensional and nonlinear connections, on a horizontal and not vertical plane. And ultimately, learning means choosing to question the world, giving space to one’s own innate and intrinsic satisfaction coming from an experience free from conditioning.

In other words, learning does not mean to perform a task, repeating patterns, expecting external rewards, drilled to be polite, mechanizing movements, modeling behavior, doing mental exercises, being desensitized, undergoing situations, being lured.

Learning means choosing to respond even in the absence of questions, and asking questions without expecting answers.

In the picture a Glutton, also said Wolverine (Gulo gulo), photographed by Andrea Marzorati in Finland.